Following an Auto Maintenance Schedule can help keep your vehicle reliable as well as maintain its resale value. Routine Maintenance Schedules are developed by each manufacturer to highlight the recommended minimum maintenance requirements for a particular model or trim level. In most cases, completing this minimum recommended Maintenance is necessary to keep a vehicle's warranty in good standing. Regularly completing Scheduled Maintenance services like Oil Changes, Filter Changes, Tune-Ups, etc.. will keep your vehicle performing smoothly as well as getting the greatest possible fuel economy. While all vehicles tend to depreciate in value over time, completing recommended Routine Maintenance can help raise your vehicle's resale value! Whether you foresee selling to a Dealership or a Private Buyer, having proof of all completed Maintenance on the vehicle can increase the value of your vehicle so be sure to save all receipts after receiving maintenance services. Some car buyers are fanatical about maintenance, and closely following an Auto Maintenance Schedule will appease them. From the Dealership's end, a vehicle with a decent Maintenance Record is easier to make a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.     Long Story Short Keeping Up With Your Vehicle's Maintenance Is Important!

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